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NBC on Court Reporting -  Great Video for a Great Profession!

Court Reporter EDU - Great site to learn about court reporting.

"The Court Reporters job cannot be overstated"…..Read more here.  

Important Role

Click on the link to read an excerpt from a neuropsychologist's deposition describing the intricacies of the human brain and using the court reporter as an example.  Very, very interesting!  Click here!

What are court reporters?  We Are Technology!  Click here to see a video that the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters prepared portraying the different court reporting professions.

Court Reporter Responsibilities

To see what an attorney has to say about the advantages of Real-Time Court Reporting.....Click here!

Amazing video on the importance of captioning:  Don't Leave Me Out - Click Here

*To view a video from the U.S. District Court's website, click the link below.

Court Reporter Profile link 


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