Help out a student

You'll be helping yourself and the future of our Industry!

Here is a a win-win proposition... trade in an old writer for a new ProCAT Xpression and we'll supply a writer to an NCRA A to Z program participant.

You'll feel better using a new writer and knowing that you have contributed to our future, and the prospective student gets to try out court reporting. It is that simple! Give us a call.

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ProCAT has been a supporter of NCRA and an advocate for stenographic court reporters for

nearly four decades.

The NCRA A to Z program is a viable program

to introduce more students to court reporting programs.

We are proud to be a part of this endeavor.

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  Welcome To NMCRA 2016!

     An ongoing goal of the NMCRA Board is to continue our efforts to provide the membership with current information as well as valuable resources. We would like to hear from you and value your input to make this site even more useful. So spend a few minutes browsing the site and forward your comments by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab to your left.

              2013 NCRA Leadership Conference Summary

Notes from Convention

Leadership meeting 8/1/2013

The color of money

*Tips for convention planning

When planning convention use same hotel annually and ask for a better rate because of that.

Partner with other associations: Regional, surrounding states, Southwest conference of court reporters.

Negotiate with hotel for AV equipment or to get free rooms if attendance number is exceeded. Always ask, “What kind of deal can we make for the board’s business?”

Consider using a meeting planner. They can give guidance.

Contact a local hotel for a recommendation on a meeting planner.

Consider hiring an association management company. Use only a planner that is familiar with associations.

Board/Committee Reports

An audit should be performed at least twice per year .

Select an independent auditor to oversee the audit process.

The association hiring just a part time accountant is important.

The audit will provide comfort for the association.

Consider bonding insurance.

No one person should be in charge of financial duties.

Have internal control, a list of board members authorized to sign checks, dollar limits requiring multiple signatures for checks, handling of cash, forms for check requests and expense reimbursement, process for seeking bids.

Check references for executive management companies. Make sure they have knowledge of associations. The following states have an executive manager: Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri.


Database Management

Where Can NCRA Improve?

Communication from regional representatives with state leaders on issues surrounding our state and events being sponsored by NCRA.

More continuing education opportunities.

Update the online website and resources section.

Help with putting on a convention.

Online “find a reporter” resource needs improvement, although it is getting better.

A hiring guide for judges.

                             Continuing Education

NCRA’s New Continuing Education Requirements Announced.  Click on the following link for valuable information!  NCRA CEU INFO    

Click on the following link for an interesting project regarding 
four reporters in North Carolina!  

NC Policy Watch Project Link




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