APRIL 1, 2017




Annette Aragon, Past President

Robin Brazil, President

Deb Williams, President Elect

Melanie Lucero, Treasurer

Tillie Tafoya, Secretary

Julianne Beatty, Central Board Member

Augustina Martinez, Northern Board Member

Jamie Sanchez Lopez, Southern Board Member


Also present:

Linda McSwain, NCRA representative

Lora Zachek, NMCRA administrator



Robin Brazil calls business meeting to order


Robin recognizes and thanks people:

  • ·        The board of directors
  • ·        NCRA rep, Linda McSwain
  • ·        Bev Schleimer - Realtime reality check presentation
  • ·        Chris LaCounte -  CPR presentation
  • ·        Mark Kislingbury – Write short/write smart presentation
  • ·        Vendors
  • ·        Student members
  • ·        People who have sponsored students to attend convention



Motion by Jan Williams to approve April 2, 2016, business meeting minutes

Second by Mary Seal

Motion carried


Approval of 2017 treasurer’s report

Motion by Bev Schleimer

Second by Deb Williams

Motion carried


Robin opens floor to any old business:

Is there a certain amount of gifting to law firms or their staff in the bylaws?

  • ·        Determined from the floor that it’s a CCR board issue
  • ·        Mary Loughran reads rule from New Mexico Code of Professional Ethics Advisory Opinion 1998 Number 1 from the CCR Board regarding gifts:  $25 at a time $50 total for the year


Ron Blasing asks how did we save 66% at this convention from last year.  Mary Seal explains.

  • ·        There were leftover expenses from 2015 that were not accounted for
  • ·        2015 attributed to the 2016 convention
  • ·        Robin adds it costs more for a casino convention

Robin recognizes three people that have passed away in the last year in the court reporting community:

  • ·         Thomas Garret, Kay Proctor, Betty Lanphere


Robin recognizes court reporters who volunteered at depo school


Robin suggests re-designation of board member titles.  Board members are at present designated as northern, central, and southern. Re-designate to “board member one, board member two, and board member three” to eliminate geographic designation.

  • ·        Re-designation of board members is an NCRA board member decision


Robin opens floor for any volunteers or nominations for president elect:

Motion by Deb Williams to nominate Dawn Redwine for president elect by acclimation

Second by Ron Blasing by acclimation


Motion to close nominations for president elect by Mary Seal

Second by Suzan Smith



Mary moves that Dawn Redwine be elected president elect by acclimation

Second by Bev Schleimer



Robin opens floor for any volunteers or nominations for treasurer:

  • ·        Robin said Kathy Townsend would fill role if no others are willing
  • ·        Teresa Torrez volunteers for treasurer


Mary nominates Kathy Townsend for treasurer

Second by Bev Schleimer

Mary withdraws nomination of Kathy Townsend for treasurer


Suzan Smith nominates Teresa Torrez as treasurer

Second by Ron Blasing



Deb nominates Allison Ash-Hoyman for board member

Second by Mary


Bev moves to close nomination for board member

Second by Mary



Allison Ash-Hoyman for board member approved


Linda McSwain honors members of the NMCRA

Thanks members whose terms are ending:

  • ·        Julie Beatty
  • ·        Annette Aragon
  • ·        Melanie Lucero


Welcomes New Board member, Allison Ash-Hoyman, and welcomes two board members continuing, Jamie Lopez and Tina Martinez

  • ·        Allison Ash-Hoyman duly installed


Linda McSwain thanks outgoing president, Robin Brazil, and welcomes her to the office of immediate past president

From Bev Schleimer:  Linda McSwain pins Robin with “immediate past president” pin.


Linda McSwain welcomes incoming treasurer, Teresa Torrez

  • ·        Teresa Torrez duly installed


Welcomes Tillie Tafoya as continuing secretary




Welcomes Dawn Redwine as president elect.  Mary Seal serving as proxy

  • ·        Dawn Redwine duly installed


Welcomes Debra Williams as President

  • ·        Debra Williams duly installed


All board members stand to be welcomed


Robin thanks Linda McSwain as NCRA rep


Mary moves to close business meeting

Second by Deb




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